Perkin Elmer model 337

monochromator and detector section


Image 10: parabolic mirror (located on right side and back of the instrument) used in Littrow monochromator arrangement in the instrument. See also Image 5 on page 2.



Image 11: entrance and exit slit mechanism (lower right corner of the picture), gratings (center right in the picture) and the filter changer mechanism provided with four filters for separating desired grating orders. See US patent 3,144,498 for an excellent discussion of the advantages of grating spectrophotometers over prism spectrophotometers and the use of filters for separating desired orders.




Image 12: viewed from the right side of the instrument, the diffractions gratings, entrance and exit slit mechanism, the filter changer mechanism and the detector and parabolic mirror behind the filter changer mechanism. See also Image 5 on page 2.




Image 13: detector and parabolic mirror.

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