10 watts of power from WMUC

I've been interested in getting better reception from WMUC, the University of Maryland radio station which is about 3.5 miles away from my house and broadcasts with 10 watts of power. With a rabbit ears antenna and my Dyna FM-3, stereo was noisy so I put the FM-3 in mono when listening to this station. Later, I got a Jerrold FM antenna and put it on my roof, with a preamp.
The preamp system I used is shown here: http://antiquesci.50webs.com/62029.pdf
I had a cable going to the top bedroom already so I rerouted it to go to the antenna on the roof. Now I can listen to the Dyna FM-3 in stereo. I put the antenna on a pole held to the furnace chimney with channel (sometimes called Kindorf), allthread and tubing clamps (see first pages of US patent 3463428 and US patent 4044428). I didn't include the rotator, but might put that up later. The antenna is pointed at WMUC and is a big improvement over the rabbit ears antenna I was using. The antenna can be folded up as shown in one of the pictures below. I'm also using a tubed dynamic range expander based on the Masco circuit shown in fig. 5 here http://antiquesci.50webs.com/CompExp.htm

A piture of a larger FM antenna found on Ebay shown below

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